Truck Name Generator

Do you need a special name for your pickup truck? Or, for that matter, your semi or other truck? You've come to the right place. Use this truck name generator to find a great name for your truck!

Tags: Woman, Man

2. What do you haul in it?
Farm stuff Stuff Not much

3. What's the liklihood of you getting a speeding ticket while driving your truck?
Low It could happen, maybe Very likely - if they can catch me ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Betty Lou
Your truck is as sweet and fine as a real Betty Lou and just as nice and generous too. Betty Lou will do her best to get you where you're going and she'll try to make sure you're as comfortable and happy as possible while you ride.

So . . . your truck isn't always going to be reliable and there's always a chance it's on its last legs, but it's a great looking truck and you're really attached to it. But, there is also always a chance that you'll get that big paycheck and be able to fix him up.

You like to flirt with danger and there is no danger like naming your vehicle after the most notorious car in fiction ever. Just promise that you won't play oldies music on the radio! That's just borrowing trouble a bit too much!

If you and your truck run fast and it's all about speed for you, name your truck 'Lightning'. Not from Greased Lightning - unless you want it to be. Plus, if you name your truck 'Lightning' you have a theme for any aftermarket add-ons.

If you see your truck's personality as being glamorous or sexy, then Ivy might be a good name for her. Poison Ivy as a possibility for the full name with Ivy for short. If your truck's personality is masculine, change it to something like Rider.

Chief is a great name for the world's most dependable truck. The truck that keeps you on track and moving toward your goals, the one that's your sidekick and total supporter. And don't think of the name 'Chief' only being appropriate for trucks with masculine personalities - women are chiefs too, you know.