Random Name Generator

Are you looking for a name, any old name? Or do you want one that's really random? Whether you're rebranding yourself of writing a character, use this random name generator!

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1. Can you do the Carlton dance?
I don't know what that is I'm doing it right now! Ugh, no

2. What's your favorite color of cupcake?
Brown White Pink

3. Which nickname would you hate most?
Muffin Peanut Giggles ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Iago Fastillian
Now there's a name that is truly random. So what are you going to do with it? Will it be the name of your alter ego? Perhaps you'll invent an entire world for Iago and then make that world a reality. What kind of world will it be?

Azure Blue
Let's get hippy dippy with a random hippy name. Why not? Or maybe it's the name of the hottest rising star. Who knows? You do, probably. What will use the name Azure Blue for? A pen name? A profile name? Very mysterious . . .

Lovian Moorcroft
Somehow this random name brings to mind time travel and sci-fi adventures. Are you a galaxy hunter? With a random name like this, you might just become one. What escapades could you get into with a name like Lovian Moorcroft? Lovian means to trust and believe. So, go forth with trust and belief!

Paagal Laghari
Your random name is just crazzzy . . . Really. Paagal means crazy in Hindi. So, go get wild and crazy and live it up with your new alias. Don't actually do anything dangerous though! Just act, you know, kinda random.

Trean McDougall
Trean (prounounced trayann) is Gaelic for stubborn. Put on the mantle of inflexibility, dig your heels in the dirt, and start standing by your convictions! You don't want to do something? Let your inner Trean take over! No one can boss you around ever again.

Bonner Haming
With this random name, you are the beauty and goodness of happiness. Bonheur is French for 'happiness' and Hamingja has the same meaning in Icelandic. Even if you don't feel happy right now or all of the time, take a tip from Cary Grant. His original name was Archibald Leech. He wanted to be a charming and elegant person so he gave himself a name to live up to. It worked!