Gender Quiz

Your opinions about gender reveal a lot about your personality. Answer these intriguing questions and discover the shocking result at the end of the quiz!

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1. Do you think men should wear nail polish?
Sure. Just black. No.

2. Are you happy with your gender?
Yes. No.

3. Are men and women different?
Yes. No. ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

have very traditional gender roles
You are very definite ideas about what men and women should wear, how they should act, and even how they should talk. You disapprove of people who defy established standards of gender-typical behavior.

have very slightly traditional gender roles
You think that men and women should generally behave in a manner that corresponds with the gender they had at birth. However, you respect the rights of others to think differently than you do. To each his own!

are not sure about gender roles
Modern society's shifting perceptions of gender roles really confuses you. It seemed simpler in times gone by to identify genders and most people behaved in a predicable pattern. Now, you just don't know what to think. . .

are becoming opinionated about gender roles
You don't like it when people don't interpret gender roles in the same way you do. Frankly, you are a little intolerant of people who have a different opinion and you are not afraid to tell them how you feel.

couldn't care less about gender roles
You don't have a strong opinion about gender roles. You figure everyone has the right to have whatever opinions they want. As long as you are secure with your personal gender role, you don't get involved in what other people think.

are against gender roles
You think classifying people by what sex organ they were born with is wrong. In your opinion, people should have the right to choose what gender they are or even to reject being placed in any gender category.