What Kind Of New Food Should You Try?

There is so many different types of food out there it can be hard to try them all. With this quizzes help though you will be directed towards a new kind of food that you can enjoy!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Syrian Food
Syrian food is absolutely delicious. There is a lot of variety. Some dishes you should definitely check out are Shawarma (delicious street meat), Syrian meat pies, and Druze cousa (stuffed zucchini).

Indian Food
Indian food is so flavorful. You may have dabbled in some Indian food, eating the basics, but you should deep dive into their cuisine. You should try delicious dishes such as Biryani, Gulab jamun, and Gakar ka halwa.

Jamaican Food
Jamaican food tends to be spicy and flavorful. They also tend to include a lot of seafood into their diet. Some amazing dishes you should try are Ackee and saltfish, Taro dumplings, and Jamaican patty with coco bread.

Portuguese Food
Portuguese Cuisine isn't as well known as its European neighbors' cuisines are. Yet their dishes are delicious and flavorful. Some dishes you should try are Bacalhau, Sardinhas assadas, and Caldo Verde.

Korean Food
Korean cuisine has some of these most elegant dishes in the entire world. The cuisine is also very unique. Some Korean dishes you should try are Bulgogi (marinated beef barbecue) and Seolleongtang (ox bone soup).

Kenyan Food
Not many people have tasted any cuisines from African countries let alone from Kenya. Kenya is known for its soups and sauces along with some other unique dishes. Some dishes you should try are Githeri, Pilaf, and Ugali!