Troll Name Generator

This quiz will help you discover what your name would be if you were a troll. This is crucial information, every individual should know what their troll name is.

Tags: Troll, Magic, Character, Name, Fantasy

1. What size should a troll be?
Large About human size Small

2. Which of these is your favorite colors?
Fuchsia Aqua Olive Puce Charcoal Magenta

3. Which of these would you most like to possess?
Knowledge A sense of direction Wisdom Secrets ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your troll name is Tzane and you are one zany troll! Your goal in life is to amuse and distract with your antics and it usually works. You love attention and being surrounded by others. You just want to be happy.

Your troll name is Seji! You are on the smaller side and have a great ability to charm. More importantly, you are an excellent crafter and can craft both beautiful and durable pieces that rival the world's greatest artists.

Your troll name is Yuhai! You are a true born warrior. You live to protect your land and your community and very few are able to beat you at your game of strength and intelligence. You are a natural protector.

Your troll name is Lakjin! As a troll you are not interested in others. You like to keep to yourself and become livid when anyone interrupts you in your peace and solitude. You live alone in either a cave or an empty castle.

Your troll name is Yishi! You have a stupendous amount of intelligence and are sometimes called a know-it-all. You don't mind however since you pretty much know it all. You value your books over all else.

Your troll name is Kuroji! You are very happy-go-lucky and act as a troll of joy. You like to help others when you can and many consider seeing you to be a sign of good luck. You love to smile and laugh.