How Southern Are You?

Do you belong above or below the Mason-Dixon Line?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

100% Southern
You make your own grits for breakfast, need ice in your tea, and proudly whistle Dixie. When you have a wild night on the town, you call yourself Cooter Brown. When you talk, your sentences are always peppered with words that leave Northerners scratching their heads in confusion but make your fellow Southerners grin. You're big on community and even bigger on family.

90% Southern
You know that being Southern is about more than just the food you eat, the things you drink, or even the way you talk. Being Southern is about taking part in the community and being true to your Southern heart. You may occasionally order hash browns at the local restaurant instead of grits and might even prefer coffee to tea, but no one who knows you and sees the way you stand firm in your beliefs could ever doubt you are Southern through and through.

70% Southern
You occasionally let slip a y'all or talk about how you're fixin' to do something, but you don't use most of the Southern lingo and you'd never call someone from up north a Yankee. Sometimes you feel the South is a little too much like a clique, but you love the tight-knit sense of community and the warmth and hospitality. You enjoy the old fashioned customs, the manners, and, of course, the quiet of a Sunday afternoon in a small neighborhood.

50% Southern
You love feeling like you're a part of something and meeting someone else from the South always feels like finding a new friend. That being said there are some uniquely Southern things that you just don't like, from small things like country ham and grits to big things like hostile feelings towards Northerners. You want to take the sense of the tight-knit Southern community you have fallen in love with and share it with the world, not just keep it down below the Mason-Dixon Line.

30% Southern
You'd probably still be called a Yankee, but you have a Southern heart and Southern values. If you stick around long enough, join the community, and start picking up the local slang, one day you'll be a true Southerner. Fitting in in the South can sometimes be a learning process, but you love every minute of it. You know you have a lot to learn, but you also know you'll be the better for it.

0% Southern
You are a Northerner through and through, living life big, fast, and with lots of excitement. You're modern and hip. You have no time for traditions that you feel have worn out their usefulness. You love to travel, adore winter, and enjoy exotic locations. You work hard and have always been very ambitious and forward thinking.