What Is Your Southern Name?

Answer our questions to find out what your southern name would be!

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1. What decade were you born in?
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2. Choose a flower:
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3. What kind of pie do you like best?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

O my Darlin'! You are kind and gentle, and the old-fashioned name Clementine suits you just fine. It means mercy or clemency, and that matches your soft and sweet personality, and it shares its names with the little oranges that are sweet enough to eat!

You are a good mix of old-timey and cutting edge, that's why the name Monroe would be a good southern name to call ya by. It's often a last name but it stands well on its own as a first name, and will match your rough-around-the-edges but kind at heart personalty.

You wish you could have been born in another era, and with this lovely name you can pretend with a little more vigor. Your new southern name means 'prosperous and flourishing' which is exactly what you'll be doing if you keep your wits about you like you always do.

You are strong and honest and your southern name Ida reflects that. You are interested in other cultures and this name has meanings in Greek mythology, Indian mythology, and many European countries, so you'll be at once a bit old fashioned as well very cosmopolitan when you travel the world.

Your southern name is like you, sweet and light and a good mix of the old and the new. You love classic aesthetics with a modern twist that make things memorable, and the richness of the name Maribelle will have everyone giving you a double take.

Your southern name is as precious as you are! It's a rich and decadent name that manages to keep a simple feeling to it, so it's perfect for someone like you who has refined tastes but isn't too flashy. It's so charming it doesn't even need a nickname and you'll be sure to inspire young mothers to borrow it for their newborns.