Are You A Good Person? No. 2

Have you ever wondered if you are an ideal friend or just plain mean? This quiz will let you know if you should correct your ways or just stay the same!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Just plain evil
It's utterly scary how horribly mean you are. However you probably already knew that. To make yourself more likable try to be less harsh and a little more understanding with other people.

The best, kindest person ever
You have loads of friends who all love you. You are everybody's favourite person and have impacted so many lives for the better! However, be careful that you aren't overly kind because that can get a little annoying.

A nice person
You make people happy and they generally like you. Even though you aren't always the best kindest or most remarkable people enjoy hanging out with you!

You are average
You aren't mean, however you aren't really that nice either. You are probably fun and people enjoy hanging out with you however you could defiantly be kinder.