What Animal Is Hidden In You?

Ever wondered what animal is hidden in you? Or what animal you are most like? Well answer the questions in this quiz and find out!

Tags: Animals, Spirit, Cat, Monkey

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are slow and take your time. Everyone is always bustling you around and saying that you are too slow when actually, they are going to fast. Surprisingly you are a very mistirious person and prefer to keep secrets. Sometimes you are very amusing though.

You are very clever and calculating. You always get your own way and never let anyone else get the prize. You act cute and cuddly when in public but actually Satan is inside of you.

You are a scavenger and can make anything out of litter, rubbish, recycled bottles and even maybe a banana peel and some old shoes. But actually you are intelligent and social.

You are very silly and don't take things seriously most of the time. You are flexible and capable and love the trees. You often get out of tough situations using your humor. You are protective of your family and friends but sometimes you get into trouble.