What Kind Of Robot Are You?

Wondering what kind of robot you really are? Then it's time to find out, isn't it? Take a seat and lets get to the bottom of this very insightful topic!

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1. Would you love to fly?
Yes No

2. Are you productive?
Yes No

3. Do you have an agenda?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

A Drone
You are a drone! That means you are light and airy, you love to travel long distances, and you're surprisingly useful. A flexible person, you know how to use your talents to help people in a variety of ways.

An Autonomous Robotic Vacuum
You know what you really take great pride in? Keeping a clean home! You're the type of person who cleans and dusts most every single day, and you are never embarrassed if someone drops in unannounced. So, yes, you're an autonomous robotic vacuum!

A 3D Printer With Lesson Plans
You love helping people, instructing them, educating them. Especially if you get to make it fun, and use new ways to get people to learn! No wonder you're a 3D printer, capable of so many possibilities.

A Factory Bot
You're nothing if not productive. And that means that you absolutely love getting things done. Your to-do list, your deadlines, they're all just fine to you. Rather than stressing you out, it gives you stuff to do. Keeps you focused!