What Do People Envy About You?

Everyone has something that resonates in other people in a special way. Take this quiz and you can discover what brilliance of yours people tend to envy.

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1. Are you outgoing?
Yes No Somewhat

2. When something gets really hard what do you tend to do?
Push through I give up I ask for help

3. Who do you rely on for advice the most?
Parents Siblings Friends Myself Therapist Other ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your hair is incredible. It's so healthy looking and can basically do and hairstyle you want it too. It looks amazing curly and wonderful straight. It's no wonder that everyone wants the hair you've got!

You have that easy confidence that everyone wishes they had. You walk into every room like you own it, yet you are still incredibly kind and approachable. Your ability to be confident yet warm and inviting is what makes you so enviable.

You have a way about you. You look at the world as if there is always more good to be sought than evil. You are a glass half full kinda person. Everyone who comes in contact with you feels that positivity and envies it.

Athletic Ability
You've got incredible athletic abilities. You're the type of person that can pick up and type of ball, bat, or glove and knock the socks off of everyone that's watching. People find your gracefulness, toughness, and motivation enviable.

You have the type of smile that lights up a room. Your smile always reaches your eyes and brings laughter and happiness to everyone around. Your light-hearted spirit is shown through your smile and that is why everyone envies it!

You have an amazing can-do attitude. There is nothing that can get in your way. You persevere through adversity gracefully. It is not surprising that others wish that they had your type of attitude towards obstacles!