Am I Argumentative?

Has anyone you know ever told you that you argue too much? There are some people that just have an argumentative personality, and you can find out if that's you right now!

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1. Are you usually in a good mood?
No Yes Somewhere in the middle

2. Do you consider yourself to be an intelligent person?
I'm the smartest person alive! I guess I know enough

Here are all the results with descriptions

Absolutely Not Argumentative At All
You are the exact opposite of argumentative. Someone could tell you that the sky was purple and you wouldn't disagree with them. Maybe you've been there, done that and just don't have the time or energy for it anymore. Just don't let people run you over. You have to stand up for yourself once in a while!

Not Very Argumentative
There may have been a few times in your history where you argued with someone about something they said, but for the most part, you aren't very argumentative. That's okay, just don't forget to speak up when you have a point to make. Otherwise, you're going to get lost in the shuffle.

Kind Of Argumentative
We are going to say that when you have factual evidence that you know without question is correct; you have no problems arguing the point. You aren't someone that argues for the sake of arguing though. So that's good!

Pretty Argumentative
Your friends and family are probably careful about what they say to you because they don't want to get wrapped up in an argument. It's okay to look at two sides to every situation, but sometimes it's better just to let it go. It's up to you to figure out which is which.

Very Argumentative
It's likely that you have a difficult time keeping friends and family near you because you argue about everything! Nobody wants to do that day and night. It's okay to let people have their time in the spotlight, even if you know they're wrong. Just let it go.

As Argumentative As They Get
It doesn't matter if you know for a fact the person you're talking to is right, you're going to argue everything they say. You're not the only kind of person like this in the world. We're guessing that you probably don't have a whole lot of friends though. People don't want to fight all the time. Maybe you should try backing off a bit.