Who Do I Look Like?

Supposedly each person on earth has at least a few others, living or deceased, that look very similar to them. Whom do you resemble? This quiz will show you!

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1. Do you have any stains on your clothing right now?
Yes. No.

Here are all the results with descriptions

Sorry to disappoint, but you don't have a double here on earth. You just look like your unique self. This quiz only covers The Milky Way galaxy. . . Maybe you have a doppelganger in another faraway galaxy!

Albert Einstein
You look like a mad scientist or a brilliant mathematician. Whether you are smart or not, the quiz can't say. . . but you certainly look like you can solve some difficult algebra problems. How can you use that for your advantage?

a Movie Star
You take care of yourself and you have a great sense of style. All of your attention to looking your best is paying off because you could easily pass as a television or movie icon. Why don't you go audition for something right now?

an Athlete
Your body is fit as a fiddle. You look like you are about to qualify for the Olympic Games any day now. Even if you are not planning on winning a race, you deserve a gold medal for your powerful muscles and sleek form.

an Artistic Soul
Your creativity and unique view of the world is being communicated with your clothing and overall sense of style. You look like you are about to compose a sonnet or paint a contemporary masterpiece on a canvas!

a Bum
Unless you really don't have anywhere to live, you have no excuse to be so careless in the way you look. You look like a bum. If you take some more effort with your personal hygiene and your clothes, you will feel happier and ready to face the world.