What Michigan Town Best Suits You?

Based on your personality, which Michigan town are you best suited for?

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If you like the natural beauty of the great outdoors, then you'll like Ontonagon. If you like frigid, far-below-freezing winter temperatures, then you'll LOVE Ontonagon! Situated in Michigan's sparsely populated Upper Peninsula, the small town of Ontonagon boasts miles of beautiful, pristine shoreline on Lake Michigan as well as the famous 'Lake of the Clouds' nestled in the Porcupine Mountains. Ontonagon is perfect if you love to fish in the summer and, more importantly, if you love to ice fish in the winter. (Average January temperatures hover around 15 degrees!)

Mackinac Island
If you like your own space as well as being around nature, but not so far into nature that you're isolated from other people, then Mackinac Island is the place for you! Mackinac Island balances miles of beautiful shoreline and natural parks with a world-famous tourist town known for its dining, art galleries, and most importantly, its fudge. While it's heaven in the summertime, make sure you know how to drive a snowmobile in the winter, because that's the only way to get around some parts of the area!

If you've ever dreamed of living in a village straight out of a fairy-tale storybook, then Frankenmuth is the perfect fit for you! Designed to look like the quaint Bavarian villages of Germany, Frankenmuth's picturesque scenery boasts art galleries, antique shops, and most famously, the year-round Christmas store. It also has one of the largest indoor water parks in the country. A lazy river and waterslides in the winter? Sounds like a fairy tale indeed!

It's no secret that Detroit is experiencing a renaissance of sorts as young, trendy hipsters move into the city in droves. While downtown Detroit boasts the major sports stadiums, Greektown, and numerous other tourist attractions, the lesser-known post-industrial neighborhood of Ecorse to the south is just one cab ride away from all the action, yet it has some of the most affordable housing in the nation. But buyer beware: The area is still rather gritty, so while you can possibly purchase a home for less than a cup of coffee, you might need to invest in some bulletproof windows.