What Is My Favorite Color?

There are so many colors in the world but which one do you fancy? Take this quiz to find out. This quiz will also tell you what it means to like that color and what your personality is. Do you think you like RED? Maybe you like blue or purple. To find out take this quiz and your personality as well as your true favorite color will be revealed.

Tags: Personality, Color, Red, Happy, Green

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your personality is red. You are strong and confident person.

You are a happy person, you always look on the bright side.

You are a quiet but shy person. You are kind and very friendly.

You have a lots of friends. You always cheer up your friends when they are down. You are wild but in a awesome way which means you have lots of friends.

You never give up even if you feel like you are. You are a funny and kind person.

You love animals and the earth. You are a kind person and try to save the earth.