What Season Am I? No. 2

Find out what season you are! Have fun while finding out. Are you hot Summer, floral Spring, chilly Winter or windy Fall?

Tags: Seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

1. What's your favorite drink?
Slushie! Coffee! Hot chocolate! Tea!

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a chill and kind person. You like to hang out with friends with your popsicles in the pool on a hot summer day!

You are a chill and kind person. You are a person living your life freely!

Your a brave and confident person who is outgoing and not shy. You will walk up to someone with no doubt turning back! You love the cold!

You are a dainty and bubbly person. You love flowers and hanging out with your friends and having brunch together! You are very kind and caring. You like nice weather!