Moon Phase Personality

You probably know all you can about your sun sign and astrology personality but do you know your lunar phase personality? Take the quiz to find out more!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

New Moon Innovator
You see the world for what it could be rather than what it is and you are always changing, trying to make it better. Growth, discovery, learning, and progressions are your focus and areas of interest. You can be self-doubting at times and experience frustration over the fact that no one else can see what you can see but you will overcome these struggles.

First Quarter Rebel
You are a natural rebel, however introverted or extroverted you might be. If you disagree with something, you will refuse it and nothing can change your mind. You are good at evaluating and can see the Big Picture while others focus on the smaller details. You are emotional and in tune with your emotions; you must learn not to let your feelings get hurt and to value others' ideas.

Full Moon Empathic
You were born with a very important purpose and even if you don't know what it is yet, every step you take is toward that purpose. You are sensitive, empathic and intuitive. You struggle with irrational feelings and over-sensitive but you will soon outgrow those phases. You are all about growth.

Last Quarter Adament
You are highly intuitive and your friends often use you as a Truth Gauge. You are a hard worker and tend to focus on the fine details - especially if it is something you are passionate about. You often reject the common and mainstream in favor of your own ideas. You are very opinionated and have a hard time dealing with the opinions of others.

Lunar Eclipse Perceptive
You are a complex and interesting person. You are known for being highly creative, intuitive, compassionate and perceptive. You can easily read character and uncover hidden motivations in people from barely-perceived clues. You frequently frustrate others by constantly changing your mind and heart but your sense of humor wins them back every time.

Solar Eclipse Grounded
More so than other phases, you are a grounded individual and at peace with yourself. You are passionate about life, intuitive and emotional but you don't get carried away by these things. You stay anchored to reality peacefully. You are better able to succeed in life because you can tap into your inner strength more easily than others.