What Kind of Neighbor Are You?

Are you a good neighbor? Take the quiz!

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3. How much time do you spend hanging out on your front yard, porch, or doorstep?
A lot. A little. Very little. I I'm never in my front yard unless I am coming or going. ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Nosy Neighbor
You are the nosy neighbor. You know everything that there is to know about the people that live around you. Why? Because you watch and listen like a hawk. You know who is divorcing who, who just lost their job, whose daughter is sneaking out at night and whose husband is, too. Why is this a good thing? Because you really should get to know your neighbors, and boy, do you know them well! Too bad you can't seem to keep all that juicy gossip to yourself.

The Neighborhood Socialite
You are the neighborhood socialite. You can often be seen carrying a tray of baked goods up and down the street to various households in your neighborhood. You know the names of all the children and their parent's names, too. You hold neighborhood barbecues and organize yearly block parties, and just love all that community spirit.

The Loud, Raucous Neighbor
Oh, boy. You blast your music at all hours of the day and night, throw raging parties that the cops have to break up at 2am, and you just don't seem to be all that considerate when it comes to your neighbors. On the one hand, you should probably tone it down a bit (or a lot). On the other hand, you definitely make life interesting for the people that live around you.

The Neighbor with the Meticulously Manicured Lawn
Needless to say, you take great care of your lawn. You can be seen at all hours of the day mowing, weedwacking, spraying, and generally just fretting over the grassy perfection of your yard. People are envious of your lawn, and are constantly asking about it or commenting on how green and beautiful it is, and how they can never get theirs to look like that too. They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and it's true...for them!

The Quiet, Mind-Your-Own-Business Neighbor
You're quiet, considerate, and don't like to interact with your neighbors. In fact, you go to great lengths to avoid having to speak with them at all. You time your arrivals and departures when nobody else is outside, and you don't spend time in your front yard very often just to evade all that small talk. Who has time for that?

The Neighborhood Complainer
If someone cuts across your lawn to reach their house faster, it's within your every right to leave them a nasty note letting them know how exactly how you feel about their little shortcut. If someone's music is too loud and you can't hear yourself think, it's a matter of principle to notify the police. If someone's dog won't stop barking all afternoon, it's your duty to tell the owner exactly what you think of the animal. Sound about right? It's exhausting to have to educate the world, but somebody's got to do it!