What Am I Afraid Of?

Wondering what you're afraid of? It might not be what you think it is at all! Maybe it's something totally unexpected that you didn't even think about before!

Tags: Personality, Character, Scary

1. Do you have a small circle of friends?
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2. Do you make friends easily?
No Yes

3. Do you have a large family?
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Dying Alone
Dying alone is a tough pill to swallow. Imagine for a second that your family has all passed on, and that the few that remain aren't exactly. . . close. You don't really know them, and they're far away anyway. Then imagine that your partner has passed away, your friends have gone. There's no one except you and the silent room you're in. . . That's terrifying!

We're talking about failure at work, failing at obtaining a promising career in the first place, failing at. . . saving money, and moving out before people start talking about your age. . . Maybe even failing at maintaining healthy relationships and friendships. You see failure as this huge thing to avoid, and it adds pressure to most everything you do.

You're afraid of being rejected by everyone. That includes romantic interests, professionals passing you over for a job, maybe your partner's family disliking you, friends no longer wanting to be friends, you name it. Feeling unwanted is more terrifying to you than anything else!