What Is Your Deepest Secret?

Wondering what your deepest secret is? You may think you know, but. . . a different point of view might reveal something much more. . . serious at play! Let's get started.

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1. Do you have a maxed out credit card?
Yes No

2. Do you have a budget? Do you actually manage your money?
No Yes

3. Do you ever go to seedy places alone, without telling anyone?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your Debt
You have a staggering amount of debt that you haven't been honest with your romantic partner about. Friends don't know, and your family has no idea. Literally, no one knows that you have probably well over $25k worth of debt to pay off. Oops!

Your Adventurous, Possibly Unsafe Exploits
Okay. . . this could cover. . . sexual exploits or dangerous thrill-seeking addictions like bungee jumping. Whatever is relatively unsafe, but adrenaline pumping. Wherever you are on that spectrum, no one actually knows about it. You keep that side of you hidden pretty well.

Your Childhood/Teen Ugly Phase
Not to be mean, but you were one ugly baby. And you know it, so you've taken it upon yourself to hide your old photos and videos. Yearbook photos are tucked away, out of sight from prying eyes too. Why? Because you're not that person anymore! You grew up and got infinitely more attractive! Thank goodness.

Your Weird Obsession
You might be obsessed with feet, or. . . anime. . . or. . . gingerbread. Whatever your obsession is, no one knows about it, and you intend to keep it that way. Granted, chances are your obsession is something totally random or hilarious, like garden gnomes.