Who Am I In My Friend Group?

Wondering who you are in your friend group? Then it's time to find out by taking this super easy, short quiz. You won't ever see yourself, or your friends, the same way!

Tags: Friends, Personality, Friendship, Style, Identity

1. Do you have a creative career?
Yes No

2. Do you have creative hobbies, such as writing or drawing?
Yes No

3. Any tattoos?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Artsy One
You're the one with the sketching, the painting, the digital designing (graphic design), something. Maybe even sculpting, writing, or making music. Whatever it is, you're the artsy one who's always working on a new creative project.

The Edgy One
You're the edgy one, as in the one with the haircut and style that stands out. The one with the tattoos and piercings, and certainly the one who knows all about different bands, unorthodox clothing brands, and yes, things like film and video games. Even books.

The Fashionista One
The one with the shoes, the designer handbags, the runway clothes, the sunglasses. Always ready for a photoshoot, it seems like. You'd rather die than be caught wearing lounge clothes. You would hate to be seen without makeup. You always aim to look your absolute best.

The Nerdy One
That's right, you're the one who's super into vinyl collection figures, TV shows and movies, video games, and. . . not much else. Gaming takes up a lot of your time, and you watch shows and movies in between. Your clothes reflect your fandom, and your messy bedroom solidifies it.