Medieval Times

Get ready to take a quiz that will test your knowledge of the medieval period of history. You'll either find out you know it all or you'll learn things along the way. Take it now!

Tags: Medieval, Ages, Dark, Kings

1. When did the Medieval period start?
1342 1234 476 AD

3. What document is the inspiration for our own states rights and Constitution?
Edict of Worms Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Magna Carta ▶ Next Question ◀

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You know very, very little about the medieval period. You are missing out! You should increase your learning concerning the Middle Ages forthwith! There are a lot of great movies that take place during the period and tons of fun and interesting books!

A little
You know a little about Medieval Times but not nearly enough. You didn't think this was a quiz about the restaurant, did you? Anyway, there is a lot you could learn about this fascinating period in history. And learning about it is so much fun!

About Medieval times
You have a passing, average knowledge of medieval times. You know there is so much more you could learn, though, right? Lords, ladies, castles, diseases, wars, and intrigues - and that's just the surface stuff. What about the obscure facts? Learn more!

A lot
You know more about medieval times than the average person. You must really like the period. You were just a few questions shy of getting an expert score on the quiz. Now that you know the answers, you might actually be an expert!

You know almost everything there is to know about medieval times. Maybe you're the reincarnation of Joan of Arc or King Arthur! Now, where did you lay your sword? You have a world to save, so get to it! While you're out there, share your expert knowledge and educate your friends!