What Will You Look Like In The Future?

Wondering what you'll look like in the future? Then it's time to answer a few easy questions about your self-care routine, lifestyle, and stress level.

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1. Do you eat meat?
Yes No

2. Do you eat plant protein, things like tofu, tempeh, and beans?
Yes No, gross.

Here are all the results with descriptions

Old For Your Age & Obese
That's right, we're talking packing on the weight, getting wrinkles in your late 20's, not being fit enough to do activities like hiking or biking without feeling like you're going to lose your lungs. All because you eat poorly, you don't exercise or get enough sleep. And you don't take care of your skin, hair, or nails.

Old For Your Age
You may be a healthy eater, but you don't get the nutrients that you need. You don't eat full-fat yogurt, you don't eat nut butters, you don't eat meat, and if you do, it's not regularly. Same with fish. If you want to stay looking young, your body needs full-fat, protein, and carbs. If you're watching your figure, serve less yogurt, less sour cream, less whatever, but make it full-fat. There's nothing wrong with it!

Young for Your Age
In the future, you'll be fit, lean, healthy, and less stressed than many people due to healthy lifestyle choices. It will show in your hair, nails and skin as well, so you'll actually look young for your age.