What Do You Need To Be Happy?

Everyone deserves to be happy, although it isn't always that easy. Furthermore we all need different things in order to achieve our individual happiness. What do you need?

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To Feel Accepted
You have a need to feel accepted. Acceptance and having a solid support system are vital to happiness. It can take time to find this but you're on the path to feeling free and completely like yourself.

A Joyous Hobby
You need a joyous hobby in your life! Something that will add an extra spark and interest to your day to day living whether it's gymnastics, guitar, or something out there and fun! Enjoy your search for a hobby.

To Get Outdoors
You need to get outdoors! The sunshine is calling your name. Outdoor time can significantly boost our moods even if we simply sit on a bench. If you're up for it, get active. Exercise is another mood booster.

A Home You Love
You need a home you adore! We all deserve a home we love, a place to recharge and where we feel safe. It takes a lot of work to build your empire or your cozy love shack but it's almost always worth the effort.

To Do Purposeful Work
You need to do purposeful work! A paycheck at the end of the day is not enough for you and that is very admirable. Find your passion and seek out an opportunity to make the world a better place. You have the strength.

To Be Kind To Yourself
You need to be kind to yourself to be happy. Work on remembering your strengths and then believing them. It isn't always easy work but you absolutely deserve the kindness and love you can give to yourself.