Which Action Adventure Movie Character Are You?

You are about to embark on an epic quest of self-discovery. This quest will require you to make some difficult choices along the way and each choice leads to a different possibility. Choose your answers truthfully and the true hero, heroine or foe whom you share a soul with. . . will be revealed to you.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are strong. You are mighty and the world is your stepping stone.

You are the one true king and god of thunder! The earth trembles at thy mighty weapons of war, and the maidens praise thy courage in beautiful songs.

James Bond
You are smooth and you always keep you're cool in the face of danger. You are the most sought after agent in the world and every lady wants a piece of you!

You take risks and are willing to do anything to keep those you love safe. You're a fighter. A hero. A dark knight!

Wonder Woman
You are beautiful, bold, courageous and confident. It is little to no surprise that your personality is envied by men. Bravo!

Lara Croft
Beautiful, stealthy and smart! You deserve your own mansion! Your wits and cunning will help you zoom past obstacles others can't see a way through!