American Dialect

America is a very large place in which people speak different dialects depending on where they're from. Take this quiz and discover if you're an expert on American dialect.

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1. In what state would you say that you were waiting on line instead in line?
New York Florida Georgia California Michigan

2. In which state would you drink coffee milk?
Rhode Island Wisconsin Texas Tennessee California

3. Which state is most likely to call a shopping cart a 'buggy'?
South Carolina Maine Nevada Iowa ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Nothing About American Dialects
We're guessing you're from another country or perhaps you just haven't been anywhere outside of your state. Either way you know literally nothing about American dialects. You should try to travel around the U. S. or even make new friends online from across the country.

Little About American Dialects
American dialects aren't really your thing. You know the very basics of accents and vocabulary from across the United States but that's about it. Hopefully you get to travel a bit more and discover more about American dialects.

An Average Amount About American Dialects
Your knowledge is right in the middle of the pack. You know the basics and can tell a Floridian from a New Yorker, but maybe have a tough time discerning the differences between a New Yorker and a Bostonian.

Quite A Bit About American Dialects
We are very impressed with how much you know. You may not be an expert but you're pretty close. We've bet you have lived in quite a few different places in the United States or maybe just have a very geographically diverse group of friends!

Everything About American Dialects
You are an expert when it comes to American Dialects. You know everything about accents and vocabulary from places across the United States. Whether a person is form the east coast or the west or anywhere in-between you can identify where they're from.