What Kind Of Girl Would I Be?

Girls and boys are very different creatures. Imagining what type of girl you would be can be very fun. Take this quiz and discover exactly what kind of girl you would be if you were female!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Sporty Girl
Even as a girl you would be athletically inclined. You would be chilled and laid back, except when it came to competing. When it was game time you'd be intense and fired up. As for outfits, you'd rock some joggers, sneakers, and a sports t-shirt on most days!

The Popular Chick
You would be the most popular girl there was. Beautiful, confident, and friends with everyone, your life would be a dream. Not to mention you would have killer fashion sense and basically be able to get anything you want.

The Girl Next Door
You would be the type of girl that everyone wants to kick back and drink a bear with. You are naturally beautiful and are super easy to talk to. You'd be the girl all the guys would want to date and marry.

The Fashionista
Fashion would be your life. You would love looking good and creating a lasting impression. You would also design some of your own outfits and learn how to sew so that way you could customize them. Your social media would also be poppin!

The Motherly Type
Some girls just love to nurture and baby those around them and that would totally be you. You would love to comfort and care for all of your friends. You also bake and give great hugs. You would be the greatest friend!

The Bookworm
You would be a little bit nerdy as a girl. You would get good grades and be a little shy. Your interests would include comic books, cosplay, and video games. Not to mention you've read basically every book anyone's ever heard of!