Are You Materialistic?

Wondering if you're materialistic? Wondering if you place too much value on objects around you? Then it's time to take this quiz and be a little honest!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Very Materialistic
You live and breathe for material goods. We're talking home decor items, clothing, shoes, accessories, cars, handbags, jewelry, makeup, etc. You name it, if it's something you're interested in, odds are you have it or want it. But as a result, you have a few problems. No one knows what to get you for Christmas, because you have it all, for example. AND you spend a LOT of money on things, which may or may not be of concern.

Moderately Materialistic
You are moderately materialistic, which means you're not the best nor the worst when it comes to materialism. You care about certain objects, but only if they meet a certain criteria. For example: the objects in question are related to your favorite pop culture reference, or it's a brand you really love, or you associate that object with a certain style that you've decided to switch to. In other words, you don't want everything, you just want a lot of stuff related to what you find interesting.

Not Materialistic At All
You are not materialistic at all. In fact, you pretty much don't care about material goods in the slightest. If someone were to set all of your belongings on fire, you wouldn't be heartbroken. You'd just think of the hassle you're going to face with insurance and having to find a new home.