What Style Fits My Personality?

Wondering what style fits your personality? Whether it's goth chic, or super trendy and outgoing? Or maybe even just outdoorsy, hiker-friendly attire? Time to find out.

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1. Are you into spooky stuff, like scary movies and strange home decor?
Yes No

2. Do you love to gossip?
Yes No

Here are all the results with descriptions

Goth Chic
You're into weird and strange things. Skeletons, black-colored things, spooky stuff, Halloween, quirky and creepy things, etc. But you're also in love with the beauty found in life as well, like gardening, so you're very much a goth inside. If you were to show that on the exterior, you could wear a very chic goth look. Maybe you already do!

Alternative personalities are all about music, art, spooky things, quirky things, and pretty much most things counterculture. You don't live your life by the book, nor do you want to. You like to do things your own way, and have a blast while doing it. If you were to wear this style, you'd be very much into plaid, or flannel. You'd wear distressed jeans, and you'd love 90's wear like cropped t-shirts and combat boots. You'd wear quirky sunglasses, and fishnet socks.

You're outgoing, loud, and totally in the loop on all things celebrity. You are well-aware of what goes on and why. And you love the gossip! If you were to wear something to match, it would be trend-central. Anything trendy, you'd be there super fast! Maybe you already are?

You love clean cut things, things like white roses, and clean lines on furniture. You like to shop at stores that aren't going anywhere anytime soon, if ever. You're all about manners and tradition. And so, the style that suits you best is classic! Classic stuff like blazers, nice heels, good slacks, sweaters and cardigans.