What Kind Of Person Am I Attracted To?

Crushes are one of life's gifts but what is your personal pattern of attraction? Find out what kind or person you are attracted to both in love and friendship.

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Smarty Pants
You adore the intelligent folk. With that, can come snobbery and a sharp-wit that cuts but ultimately you don't mind these things. You are the ultimate sapiosexual. You're drawn to the people with books open and minds focused.

You want to surround yourself with ambition and success. Because of this you are often surrounded by people who have the next big idea but don't worry, you know how to weed those out and stay close to the hard workers.

You are attracted to the nicest people in the world. You adore sweet, kind, and helpful people. Sometimes these people come with nativity and innocence that seems exaggerated but you don't mind because you get to experience their golden hearts.

You are all about creation and expression. You attract and are attracted to artists of all kinds- painters, photographers, song-writers- you love anyone who has a creative beat. You are awesome at being a fan and supporter.

Supportive People
You tend to think that you aren't the easiest person to be around, this leads you to be attracted to supportive people. You enjoy the company of the people who help you believe again and stay with you when you need it.

Honest People
You don't have time for nonsense or games. You feel an intense attraction to anyone who will be honest and straight forward with you. You admire candor and vulnerability equally, holding truth to the ultimate height.