How Can I Fix My Marriage?

Every marriage goes through a rough patch now and then. The key to surviving these dry spells is to know how to fix the problem. So how do we do that?

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1. How long have you been married?
Only a few months A decade or two A few years

2. Was it a whirlwind romance?
Yes Not particularly whirly We had a long engagement

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Therapy - Alone
Whether or not you ultimately decide to get couples counseling together, you can still attend a few therapy sessions by yourself. This will give you some coping methods to help deal with all the new stress and drama in your life right now and maybe some better ideas of how to fix your marriage.

Therapy - Together
Couples' therapy is immensely helpful for a lot of couples, even if they are only struggling with apparently minor concerns. It gives them a safe place to discuss and problem-solve their issues and teaches them the skills to build a better marriage.

Contrary to how you might feel right now, maybe a little bit of alone time is best. Some space away from your partner can you the mental and emotional space to calm down and rationally think through your problems before approaching each other with a clearer mind and a better plan of action to salvage what's left of your love life.

Career Change
Sometimes a lot of the pressures and stresses in a couples' life come from work because we bring home the stress of the job or we aren't bringing in enough income to reduce the stress at home. Either way, a career change might just be what's needed to salvage your marriage. If time away from your spouse or more time together is the key factor, changing jobs can change the workflow schedules for a positive outcome.

Get Rid Of Your Kids
At least for a day or maybe even a weekend if they are old enough and grandma loves them enough. Parenting is already super hard, you don't need to throw in a crumbling marriage into the mix. Get some time away from the kids with just each other and try to reconnect as adults and as a couple.

Safe-Guard Your Marriage
Watch those outside influences when it comes to your marriage. You don't want in-laws, friends or the cashier hanging around in your bedroom, do you? So don't bring up personal issues with your spouse to these people or bad-mouth your partner to them. Keep the privacy settings to private when it comes to your marriage and only share with trusted confidants.