What Object Should You Have In Your Bathroom?

There are many different quirky bath products and decorations you could have in your bathroom to make it more welcoming and fun. So this quiz might help you out a little!

Tags: Decoration, Living

1. Practical or playful?
Practical Playful

2. Does your bathroom need decoration or more fun products?
Some decoration of course! I could do with more stuff to use.

3. Do you think it makes things funner when they are different from the original use?
Sure, why not? Meh If the change makes it funner! ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Rose and lavender extract candle
Candles are always a fun way to brighten a room with both light and color, and can be a great source of aromatherapy!

Dessert shaped soap bars
You will have a funner experience in the shower or bathtub with dessert-inspired soap like cupcakes or macarons!

Mini hair brush
It's hard not to love mini things! Having a mini hair brush is better than a normal one because you can bring with you for almost every occasion when your hair gets messy.

Sugar scrub
Sugar scrub is similar to lotion, but a bit funner to use because of the 'sugar' part. Sugar scrub has an interesting texture and can have many Different scents.