What Unique Job Skill Have You Got?

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Your unique job skill is brainstorming. You are good at thinking of different ways to solve problems and make things happen. You look at things from all angles to come up with an innovative plan of action. When others need creative ideas, they come to you.

Your unique job skill is communication. You are able to clearly and eloquently express ideas and information to others. When someone needs help understanding something or presenting information, they come to you.

Your unique job skill is adaptability. Things do not always go as planned, and sometimes big changes are necessary. You are great at adapting to new circumstances and changing your approach to problems as needed. When people need help adjusting to new requirements, they turn to you.

Resolving Conflict
Your unique job skill is resolving conflict. There are times when people disagree and problems arise to stop you from reaching your goals. You are someone who can step up to the challenge and find solutions that benefit everyone. People turn to you for help with negotiation and final decisions.

Working Under Pressure
Your unique job skill is working under pressure. You can not always predict what will happen, and deadlines can be overwhelming. Yet, you are the person who can come up with a great plan of action and implement that plan without getting stressed out by the pressure. When things get difficult, people turn to you for a plan.