Which Type of Horror Movie Would You Survive In?

Could you survive goblins or ghouls?


Here are all the results with descriptions

Ghost Movie
You are not afraid of the unknown, and will face down any challenge, no matter how intimidating. You have great courage and bravery. Ghosts can be unpredictable and horrifying, but you will face them down unflinchingly with pure, daring nerve.

Zombie Movie
You're a natural born leader, with a great logical mind, and ability to plan ahead. You could rally followers, and keep a band of survivors together in the face of any zombie apocalypse. You can make the tough calls, the difficult choices, and keep everyone alive.

Psychological Thriller
You are an intellectual, who always thinks through everything carefully and methodically. You never give into hysteria, and you are not easily fooled. You know that things aren't always what they appear to be. Your cool head would prove invaluable in a psychological thriller, as you thought rings around everyone else!

Slasher Film
You are street-smart, have great intuition, and should always listen to your gut because it's never wrong! You trust your instincts and they will keep you safe in unusual situations that need some outside of the box thinking. Your know-how will keep you alive through to the end of any slasher film!

Monster Film
You are strong, athletic, and a scrapper. You could go toe to toe with any monster and come out the victor! You love to get outside and move about. You're in great shape, are strong, and could easily outrun anything that was after you!

Comedy Horror Film
You go with the flow, no matter how crazy and out-there things become. You are flexible and easy-going. Rules have a habit of changing in comedy horror movies, but you would roll with every single one of them and always come out on top!