What Social Media Platform Matches Your Personality?

1. What quality is most important to you in a significant other?
What quality is most important to you in a significant other? Sociability Ambition Intelligence Creativity Adventure-seeking

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You are a people person, a socialite. You love making new friends, chatting with old ones, and even striking up conversations with complete strangers! Facebook is definitely the social media platform for you.

You are goal-oriented, determined, and ambitious. LinkedIn helps you network with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances and market yourself to the outside world...all things that will help you make it to the top one day!

Your thirst for information is overwhelming. Whether it be about sports, health, politics, or celebrities, you want to know it all. You have a curious mind, and Twitter, with its millions of tweets and up-to-date news sources, will quench that thirst for news!

You are a dreamer, someone who loves to think about magical adventures and faraway places. You also have a very creative spirit. Pinterest is surely the social media platform for you. With it, you'll be able to keep all of your dreams, musings, and craft bucket list projects in order!

You are adventurous, a true outdoors lover. You enjoy being spontaneous and trying new things. Instagram is the perfect social media platform for you - it will help you document all of your adventures!