What Kind Of Love Do You Really Have?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your relationship is in the Friendship or Liking stage. This means that you share Intimacy, but lack Passion and Commitment. You like each other, you feel close and you enjoy each other's company. You are like best friends with crushes. With a spark of Passion and the desire to Commit, this could be the real deal.

Companionate Love
Your relationship is based on Companionate Love. This means that you have Intimacy and Commitment, but you lack Passion. You are best friends who need each other for emotional and physical support, and you plan to remain that way, trying to make things work. All you need is a spark of Passion to achieve Lasting Love.

Romantic Love
Your relationship is Romantic Love. This means that you have Intimacy and Passion, but you lack Commitment. You are very close, connected and inspired by each other. You have fallen in love, but have not committed, yet. This is the type of love that is most likely to evolve into successful Lasting Love when you're ready to commit.

Your relationship is in the Infatuation stage. This means that you feel a great deal of Passion, but are lacking in Intimacy and Commitment. You are caught up in a whirlwind of feelings for each other and probably feel a little light headed. Many infatuations are short-lived, though others will grow in Intimacy to become Romantic and Lasting Love.

Lasting Love
Your relationship is a Lasting Love or Consummate Love. You have all three of the major factors needed for a successful loving relationship: Intimacy, Passion and Commitment. You inspire each other, enjoy life together, and feel connected on the deepest level. You have found a love that can last throughout the ages.