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through rose-colored glasses
You have a romantic idea about how the world is that carries through all of your daily interactions and decisions. Your ego sometimes suffers when you make a mistake, but for the most part your optimism does more good than bad, and leaves you with a lust for life that not everyone is lucky enough to share. Embrace your positivity and you will go far.

through cynical eyes
You tend to look for the worst piece about things and focus on it, although signs are there that you might be able to turn it around, since no one likes excessive negativity even when things are sour. You should try to take things less seriously, take more deep breathers, and get fresh air a couple times a day and it will do wonders for your blood pressure and temperament.

for what it is, good and bad mixed together
You're a realist. If something seems to good to be true, it probably is, but at the same time, things aren't usually ever as bad as they first seem. You have a good head on your shoulders and a strong sense of intuition that doesn't steer you wrong, so people look to you as a balanced but never boring individual.

as a puzzle in need of solving
You always want to get under the hood to see how things work. If you can't figure out the answer to something, you won't rest or stop asking questions until the answer makes sense. You are an excellent partner and teammate because you always give your self %100 to making sure a job is one right.

as a child sees it, full of wonderment
To you, everything may as well be made of magic given how amazing you think the world is. You feel like you will never stop being surprised at people, nature, your surroundings, and blessings. You are a gem to have around because your attitude is almost always optimistic and inspiring to others.

as a wild and scary place
You feel a deep uncertainty that things in your life are going to work out in your favor, so you tend to question and doubt everything to pieces, trying to make sense of it. You are beginning notice, however, that things usually are never as bad as you fear, so you can safely say you're working on feeling more confident in yourself as you go through the big, unknown world.