How Old Do You Behave?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You behave like a toddler. This means that you like to get your own way, and you have an open minded view of life. You are trusting and sensitive, and others think you're adorable.

You behave like a child. This means that you think life should be fair, and you like to help others. You can still be sensitive at times, but you recover quickly from things. You are resilient.

You behave like a teenager. This means that you like to test boundaries and discover new things. You want to have fun and enjoy life, and some of your decisions are spur of the moment. You are focused on who you want to be.

You behave like an adult. This means that you are responsible, mature and self-sacrificing. You know how to act in various situations, and you know that life isn't always fair. Others know that they can rely on you.

You behave like a senior citizen. This means that you are not afraid to speak your mind and offer advice to those who need it. You like to share your experience with others, and to support people in times of need.