What Kind of Person Are You?

What are you like?

Tags: Personality, Attitude, Character-Trait, Behavior

1. Do you wish on shooting stars?
Yes No I've never seen one

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A Dreamer
You dream big, and don't let other people's cynicism pull you down. You know humans can accomplish great things, and you believe in yourself, humanity, and the people you love. You dream for the rest of the world when it's unable to, and people often turn to you for support.

A Romantic
You love poetry, walks on the beach, romance, love, and the trust that two people can share. You believe in love at first sight and sweeping someone special off their feet. You have a very trusting and giving nature.

A Leader
You command people's respect and attention. You know how to lead in a crisis and deal with tough situations. You are good at making decisions, even the tough ones. People look up to you and seek your opinion.

An Intellectual
You enjoy sitting with your own thoughts and pondering life's mysteries. You love your books and your quiet time. You are perfectly content to spend a rainy afternoon indoors with your hobbies and your reading.

A Rebel
You do things your own way and on your own terms. You don't care what people think about you. You are confident, brave, and bold.

An Explorer
You love to go out adventuring and exploring! You love the outdoors, the wild, and open spaces. You enjoy trying new things and constantly search out new experiences!