What Ancient Empire Should You Have Ruled?

What ancient civilization suits you the best? Find out now!

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1. You're about to hit the Silk Road to do a little bit of trading. Which commodity would you most like to market?
Silk Gold Ivory Olive Oil. Glass bottles.

2. We here at Quizony do not condone violence in any way, shape or form. That said, what's your favorite form of barbaric capital punishment?
Throw em' to the lions! And invite the public to watch! Death by stoning. Make the criminal carry out his or her own suicide. Cut off parts of their body, like their head. Tie them up and throw them in the river.

3. You're hiring the greatest designer in the land to make you a unique couture coat. What material do you want the coat to feature?
Peacock feathers. Silver and gold jewels and gold thread. The finest silk in all the land. Fine linen. Fine Wool. ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Aztec Empire
You are deeply religious, superstitious, and sometimes downright brutal. You enjoy a lavish, luxurious lifestyle and absolute control, and why shouldn't you have it? The Gods appointed YOU to power, after all. You also are known to sacrifice people to the gods to show respect to them for choosing you as emperor. Cheers!

The Roman Empire
Powerful, superbly organized, and dazzlingly intelligent, you should have ruled the Roman Empire. You relish in your universal authority and in being the best and most civilized empire in the world. Your ambition keeps you on top, and also in danger from people wanting to have what you worked so hard to get.

Ancient China
You believe in tradition steeped in cultural customs and norms and celebrate this love for culture by condemning anything foreign or strange from contaminating your beautiful Chinese lifestyle. You love to drape yourself in expensive fabrics handcrafted by talented artisans and eat elaborate meals made by the finest chefs in the land, which also double as faithful servants that live within the high walls of your beautiful palace in the middle of the city.

Ancient Egypt
You should have been a pharaoh in Ancient Egypt! You love parties, socializing, rich foods, and expensive things. You also tend to take advantage of your power over others and see nothing wrong with utilizing the immense control you have over your subjects to support your luxurious whims and posh lifestyle.

The Persian Empire
You should have been a Persian emperor! You are possibly deeply religious and conservative, with a no-nonsense attitude towards religion, politics and business. You are well-educated, cultured, and a lover of the arts. You want your subjects to learn from your example of what civilized behavior looks like.