Which Over The Counter Drug Are You?

1. What kind of parent are you/will you be if you have children?
What kind of parent are you/will you be if you have children? The Fun Parent The Comforting Parent The Tough Love Parent The Adventurous Parent

2. Pick a pattern!
Pick a pattern! Polka dots Stripes Plaid

3. Which word describes you best?
Which word describes you best? Youthful Kind-hearted Tough On-the-go ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Gummy Vitamin
You're carefree and free-spirited. You don't worry about very much because you know that life is too short to be upset and anxious all the time. You are fun and youthful - just like gummy vitamins!

You are comforting, warm, and kind. You're the person that your friends go to for advice and support. You like to make others feel better and happier, just like Aspirin!

Pepto Bismol
You are a fan of hard work and tough love. You are brutally honest with others, and you don't sugarcoat things. Like Pepto Bismol, you may not be easy to take, but in the end, those who know you know you mean well and are only thinking of what's best for them!

Cough Drops
You are very active and adventurous. You're always moving around, checking things off your to do list and finishing tasks and projects. You love the great outdoors, and you jump at the chance of getting a breath of fresh air whenever you can. You are a cough drop, a very convenient over the counter medicine for people with on-the-go lives like you!