What Controls Your Dark Side?

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You are a hopeless romantic. You enjoy the feeling of getting your breath taken away and being swept off of your feet. You'd do anything for love...and sometimes 'anything' is a bit dark and sinister! How far will you actually go for that 'butterflies in your stomach' type of feeling?

You love having money to spend whenever you want it. You enjoy fancy things - top quality wines, aged cheese, authentic cuisines, soft as feather sheets and pillows. You'd do anything for glitz and glam, comfort and leisure. Greed for more of the finer things in life controls YOUR dark side!

You are hard working and have tenacity and grit that are matched by no one. It isn't about the money or the fame for you. It's all about the power. Having power and sway over everyone else in your life gives you an adrenaline rush like no other. You'd do just about anything for more of it.

You are outgoing and social. When you walk into a room, you try your best to become the life of the party. You like being noticed, and you love being surrounded by admiring family and friends. You'd do anything for more fame...even dark and sinister things!