What is Your Southern Name?

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You are a little mischievous and always looking for trouble. You can be as sweet as a clementine, or as sour as an apple. Others are drawn to you for a good laugh or a partner in crime. Your true Southern name is Clementine.

Just like the Disney princess, you are beautiful enough to be named Belle. You are the belle of the ball and the apple of your daddy's eye. You are always put together, but don't require a lot of make-up to be noticed. Your natural beauty is more than skin deep and your kind heart is just as lovely as your gorgeous smile.

Just like the state that you are named for, you are a peach. You are fresh and sweet, kind and generous. Your personality reminds others of a warm summer's day. You are as hospitable and welcoming as a warm peach pie a la mode. Your Southern name is Georgia.

Just like the beautiful bloom from which you are named, you are as pure as snow. Your scent is attractive but not overpowering. Your beauty is exotic and legendary. Others seek out your company. Your Southern name is Magnolia (or Maggie for short).

You are as classic as the Historical city from which you are named. Your beauty will never go out of style. Your hospitality makes others feel at home. You are unique and one of a kind. Your Southern name is Savannah.

Willie Mae
You aren't afraid to be a little bit country. You are just as comfortable in a pair of overalls as you are in high heels. You can ride a horse, or drive a stick without batting an eyelash. Others envy your capable attitude and grit. Your Southern name is Willie Mae.