What Do Other Women Envy About You?

Ever wondered if other women envy you? What traits are they envious of?

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1. Do other women comment on how pretty your hair is?
Yes No If I take my time on it, yes.

2. Do women often comment on your style, or ask where you got your boots, shirt, dress, etc?
Yes No If I take my time on the outfit, yes.

3. Do you get glares from other women often?
Yes No Sometimes, but I wouldn't say all the time. ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Attention From Others
This is the girl that women are envious of, and men drool over. She's the one that can make lifelong male friends, because she's cool, but also, she's pretty enough that she can land a man quickly. She walks in the room, and you know it, because people look.

This is the girl that seems to be good at just about everything. She doesn't need to practice, because any new skill she picks up, she's already a master. While you burn your pretty Pinterest lasagna, she's busy making her own tasty, amazing version. While you're learning how to draw, she's sketching things that are getting reposted all over the internet. But hey, it was her first attempt at drawing ever!

Gorgeous hair, gorgeous body, gorgeous face, perfectly white teeth, and absolutely 100% attractive. Her clothes outdo yours any day of the week. Even in lounge wear, at home, without a shower or makeup, she is beautiful, and you hate it.

This woman has the best career, the best friends, the best boyfriend, the best wardrobe, the best apartment/condo/house, and the best car ever. She takes the best trips, comes up with the best ideas of things to do, etc. Her life is everything you ever wanted/want, but you don't quite have.

Having A Partner
It may sound petty, but something as simple as having a boyfriend is going to make women envious. There are so many lonely women out there, so many gorgeous, stunning women that can't land a decent guy. So many women that try, and can never get past a few months with a guy. Many that are used for a brief period of time, but can't get the guy to commit. But you did, and that's what makes you so special. They wonder what you have that they don't.