What Kind Of Black Friday Shopper Are You?

1. Do you ever do research on the best deals?
Do you ever do research on the best deals? Every year Only if it's something I really want No I don't

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You never really plan going to the stores during but Black Friday but somehow you always end up there. You may browse some of the deals but you usually give up and leave early.

Online Shopper
You have no desire to squish yourself in those crowds just to get a good deal. You'd rather just browse online at home for Black Friday deals. You also have the following Monday to look forwards to.

The Friend
You never go because you desire great deals but because usually your loved ones need a shopping partner.

For about a week before, you plan everything out. You plan the best routes and the best deals to take advantage of.

This is one of the days you look forward to most and you save in advance for it. You take Black Friday pretty seriously.