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You inspire your peers. You give them that spark of inspiration that helps them figure out the answers that help them make important decisions! Without people like you, we wouldn't have all of the wonderful things that we do!

You're a great cheerleader and motivator, giving your peers the pep talks they need to achieve great things or even just get through today. Your ability to encourage is vital to moving the world forward!

Comedic Relief
You bring your peers back to center when they're sad, discouraged, or stressed out - or sometimes just to add a little more joy to the times that are already happy. You're doing an important service - keep it up!

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. Sometimes our friends, family, and/or coworkers need a little push and a correction or two to get them back on track or to live up to their potential. Just remember not to be too harsh! Discipline meted out with a dash of encouragement will lift people up!

Game Changer
You don't try to directly affect your peers, but your own actions make changes in their lives. Because you're spontaneous and do what you do, they make quick decisions to keep up. You're a natural leader by default - so make sure you're leading everyone to good places!

Your thirst for knowledge has filled your own cup and now it's spilling over! Your little added tidbits of trivia and knowledge to the conversations you participate in build up the collective knowledge around you!