How Clear Is Your Vision?

1. What number is shown in green?
What number is shown in green? 71 74 11 I don't know

2. Which number is shown in red?
Which number is shown in red? 2 5 3 I don't know

3. What color are the two bold lines?
What color are the two bold lines? Red Yellow Orange Black Other ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

20/20 Vision
You have 20/20 vision! There's no squinting or blurriness involved in your life, you have perfect vision. When it comes to long distance and short distance vision, you are solid!

Near Perfect Vision
You have near perfect vision! While your vision is not 20/20, it's nearly perfect. Your far sighted vision is good, but your near sighted vision can be a problem sometimes.

20/80 Vision
You have 20/80 vision! You have a stigmatism, meaning that you can only see at about 20 feet what perfect vision can see at 80 feet. Fear not, glasses make amazing fashion accessories. We still think you're perfect!

Average Vision
You have average vision! Your vision is neither great nor terrible. While your vision is mostly clear, you can have difficulty seeing things at night and at a distance, especially if your eyes are feeling tired.

Bright And Clear Vision
You have bright and clear vision! While you can experience the occasional blurriness or tired eyes, for the most part your vision is perfect and clear. You see colors vividly, have amazing night vision, and can easily read tiny print.