Are You A Troll?

Internet society has been taken over by online trolls. Are you one? Find out now by taking our quiz!

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1. Do you visit chat rooms regularly?
Everyday Occasionally Never

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Nasty Online Troll
Hey, shouldn't you be getting back to your spot under a bridge somewhere? As a real, nasty online troll, you lurk the internet for opportunities to bring others down with biting comments and cruel humor. You would even go as far as to find ways to digitally harass someone who has angered you or hurt your feelings. While it may seem like harmless fun, remember that these pranks aren't as unimportant as they may seem to be, and your comments and actions online can have a profound effect on people whether it seems like it or not. Try to realize that hurting others is only a self-protection mechanism and focus on solving your own esteem and self-worth issues instead of taking it out on others! And most importantly, remember that what goes around comes around!

A Bit of an Online Troll
While online trolling isn't your 'thing', per say, you don't think anything about posting a rude comment here or there or putting people down online. OK, so we're not asking you to stick to posting pictures of fluffy bunnies or cat memes for the rest of your online days, but try to remember that online trolling IS a form of bullying, and cyberbullying is wrong. Your careless little comments that you think are harmless are actually quite effective in making people feel bad about themselves, so try to remember to respect other people's feelings before hitting that send button.

Not a Troll!
Congratulations! You are not an online troll! For whatever reason, you have decided to take the high road in your online activity and to post nothing but positivity and happiness to your social media accounts. From uplifting comments to funny pictures, inspirational quotes and encouraging memes, you ignore the trolls and reap in the benefits of being a positive beacon of light in a digital age filled with online trolls. Great job!