Which Actor from the Old Movies Is Your Leading Man?

The handsome actors from the Golden Age of Cinema are the stuff dreams are made of. Which one is your dream man?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Clark Gable
Tall, dark, and handsome! Clark Gable is full of passion and he just might crush you with it when he kisses you. He's a big teddy bear on the inside, though, so he will be super attentive to your feelings and he will cherish you always.

Jimmy Stewart
Awww. Jimmy Stewart is the perfect man to take home to meet Mom and Dad. He's also the best boyfriend in the whole wide world. He'll serenade you, make you laugh, and he'll always hold your hand. You've certainly picked a man you can depend on.

Errol Flynn
You're in for a world of fun and excitement! Nothing says 'adventure' like Errol Flynn! He'll have you swinging from vines and cavorting through fairy-filled English forests all while singing and making witty quips, too! You can fulfill all of your pirate fantasies too!

Carey Grant
Who could be more charming than Carey Grant? As his leading lady, you will be showered with flowers, swept off to romantic destinations, take rides on the back of his Vespa, and have a true love that lasts forever and ever!

James Dean
He's dark, he's mysterious, and he's a rebel. If he's going to brood about something it might as well be you! But he isn't really brooding, he's just trying to impress you without giving away his feelings. He sure looks good doing it,though, doesn't he?

Gene Kelly
Here's a man that will literally sweep you off your feet and spin you around and upside, too! His dancing skills are just the icing on the cake, though. He's got a thousand-watt smile that's absolutely genuine and it's there to light up even your darkest days. He's a real sweetheart, but keep an eye out - he's got a playful, sexy wink that will make you melt!