What Kind Of Fantasy Do You Have?

1. What do you believe is the purpose of fantasizing?
What do you believe is the purpose of fantasizing? To visualize my desires To anticipate the future To have a goal To escape Other

Here are all the results with descriptions

Having a Cooking Show
Your fantasy is having a cooking show! Do you often say what you're doing out loud while preparing a meal? Do you come up with witty asides while cooking? We think you're dead set on having a cooking show! When you watch the Food Network, you can't help but fantasize about how amazing it'd be to get paid to cook meals for the masses. Keep working and one day maybe your dreams will come true!

Winning the Lottery
You most often fantasize about winning the lottery! Like so many of us, winning the lottery is the ultimate fantasy. Nothing would change your life quicker or more effectively than finally having a surplus of money. You work hard and now you'd like to have the financial stability to play hard. Winning the lottery is your ultimate dream!

Achieving Your Goals
You most often fantasize about achieving your goals! You're a highly ambitious person who has always set out to achieve big things. Unfortunately, these things take time, hard work, and a lot of elbow grease. Meeting your goals and finally seeing them accomplished is your greatest fantasy. Don't worry, you'll find everything you're seeking in no time!

Traveling the World
Your greatest fantasy is traveling the world! Ever since you were a little kid, you've dreamed of traversing the globe. From London to Tokyo, you want to see it all. There's not a single adventure you're not itching to embark upon. Don't worry, one day you'll see everything you've ever dreamed of and so much more. Good things take time, but they're worth the wait!

I'm A Realist
You're a total realist! You don't like to waste your time fantasizing about things that could be, when there are so many things that already are. You live in the present and are totally aware of the amazing gifts you've already been given. Your realistic nature knows that no one can predict the future, so it's best to enjoy the now!